About Heap Soon Farming

Heap Soon Farming Sdn. Bhd. was founded by Mr. Ong Teng Chai in 1980s in mainland Penang with poultry as principal business activity. Over the past few decade in business, Heap Soon had grew from its first farm at Kampong Tongkang, Permatang Tinggi with production capacity of 4,500 eggs per day, to current production capacity of 2,000,000 eggs a day at our modern closed farming facilities.

Heap Soon Feedmill Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1998, to support the feed mill needs of Heap Soon Farms, and other poultry customers.

As traditional labour-intensive open house farming system has limitation on the expansion of the layer farm to meet the market demand, after years of research and market survey, Mr. Ong decided to invest into newly innovative automated closed-house system, with support from Big Dutchman in 2006.

The new automated close-house system was located in Terong, Perak, with production capacity of 2,000,000 eggs per day.

Currently, Heap Soon Farming employed 150 to 200 employees from local and abroard, helping them and their families to achieve a higher standard of living, while supplying the fresh egg to the markets.

A Brief Historical Time Line



Mr. Ong Teng Chai founded Heap Soon and started his egg trading business.


Heap Soon built its first farm at Kampong Tongkang, Permatang Tinggi with capacity of 10,000 eggs per day.


Opening of new farm at Bukit Minyak with 50,000 eggs per day capacity.


To ventures into feedmill business, Heap Soon Feedmills Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated and built its feed mills plant at Bukit Minyak site.


Expanded the capacity to 150,000 eggs a day by leasing a farm in Segari, Pantai Remis.

2006 to 2014

Opening of Terong close house farm, boosting Heap Soon’s capacity to 800,000 eggs a day.

2016 to 2020

Expanding Heap Soon’s capacity to 2,000,000 eggs per days.

Our Vision & Mission Statement


Striving to be one of the market leader in producing superior quality poultry products in Malaysia.


We are dedicated to develop and strengthen the poultry products market through an effective supply management system that supply premium poultry products at a reasonable price for the consumers.

Quality Eggs


Biological Controlled Closed Farm

Heap Soon Farm is closed house and fully automated – from temperature control to manure collection – which minimise human contact, wild or external sources with our hens to prevent diseases.

High Quality Feed Mill

Our vertically integrated supply chain ensure us to feed our hens only with high quality feed mill, that make our eggs rich in vitamins & minerals.

Chicken Care from Day 1

Our hen’s caring starts from one day old. Where we carefully sourced, kept in independent coops, and systematically vaccinated against diseases according to international standards.

Automated Packing House

To cut down farm-to-market lead time, our egg collection to packaging are automated. Heap Soon invested in high-technology egg packer system to sort eggs, remove rejected eggs, and ensure our eggs are safe from contamination – through reduced human contact.

Own Delivery Fleet

We maintain our own deliver fleets – just to ensure our eggs will reach the markets & traders fresh from farm.



Our latest premium egg products.

Details will be released soon.


Contact Us

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Terong Farm

Tel: +6 05 857 8612
Fax: +6 05 857 8612
Email: ongsoonping@heapsoon.com
Address:  Lot 792, Jalan Pecah Batu, 34800, Terong, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

Feed Mill Plant

Tel: +6 04 588 5716,  +6 04 588 5792
Fax: +6 04 588 6193
Email: ongsoonping@heapsoon.com
Address:  Lot 1129, Lrg. Asas Jaya 5, Kaw. Perindustrian Asas Jaya, 14000 Bkt Minyak, S.P.T. Penang, Malaysia

Kelantan Office

Tel: +6 09 743 7288
Fax: +6 04 588 6193
Email: ongsoonping@heapsoon.com
Address:  PT 463, Jalan Sri Cemerlang, 15300 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

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